The Soap Packaging Trends For Soap Brands

Custom packaging has become one of the reliables yet the most powerful marketing arena for brands, and it’s needless to say, the soap brands aren’t behind either. This is because packaging plays a critical role in the decision-making of the customers. To illustrate, a first impression promises higher brand recalling and better customer retention. In today’s age, customer experience matters the most, which is why the companies have started to realize the imperativeness of customized packaging solutions. 

Many brands think that it’s about the box that’s used to sell the product, but it’s the design and quality that does the magic. For this reason, the businesses need to understand the current packaging trends and offer something unique to the customer base. This is because the customer base is always obsessed with new trends, particularly during the social media era (they love to flaunt). So, if you are ready to make some amazing profits on soaps, let’s check out the trends!

Drawing Customer Attention With Soap Packaging 

When it comes down to the packaging market, there is a wide variety of custom boxes. What’s best about these boxes is that they can be customized according to the brand and target audience. Every year, there is an influx of new packaging trends and designs. The designers are trying their best to curate the packaging solutions that strike a perfect balance between visual appeal, practicality, and functionality. 

Ranging from illustrates to vibrant colors and bold patterns, there is something unique about every packaging trend. Integrating these trends can provide something unique to the consumers that bring out their excitement. Having said that, it’s time that brands start implementing the new design trends and catch the customers by surprise. So, if you are ready to give your soap boxes an overhaul, these are some trends that are making waves!

Bold Patterns To Catch Attention 

The bold patterns with lines and shapes have become extremely popular when it comes down to the soap industry. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that bold patterns can be used to impact the purchasing decisions of the customers and provide them a basic idea of the product. For this purpose, it’s best to use simple yet bold geometric designs. Keep in mind that it’s all about creating intricate lines, sharper angles, and exclusive colors. 

Many brands think that geometric designs are deceiving, but they can actually represent the idea behind the product. However, when you opt for these geometric designs, you need to be subtle because that’s something that creates an effective packaging solution. 

Utilize Flat Illustrations To Tell Stories

In the past few months, the influx of illustrations has increased. For the longest time, it was evident on social media, but it’s now making a mark on the soap industry as well. The brands can use illustrations on the inside and outside of the packaging to enhance the overall experience. To illustrate, it’s one of the most modern ways of expressing the brand. The illustrations are a diverse and expressive form of art, which will provide a thematic experience to the customers, which they hardly expect from a soap box

However, while you create the illustrations, you need to opt for simplistic shapes with unique patterns and colors that scream on the shelves. All in all, it’s an apt way of exciting the customers for purchase with its amazing visual appeal. 

Redo The Brand Name Positioning 

It goes without saying that the brand name is essential for creating the packaging, but many brands put it on the back foot. Having said that, it’s time you make the brand name the ultimate highlight of soap packaging and let the name narrate the brand story to the customers. In fact, it’s one of the most effective and simplistic ways of keeping the brand name in the customers’ minds for a longer time period. So, start putting the brand name on the front side and keep it in the center to enhance awareness. 

The best thing about adding the brand name is that you won’t need complicated illustrations and patterns to make a statement. Many brands don’t realize this, but the name-oriented packaging boxes have become an aesthetic experience for the customers, so it’s time that you grab this opportunity to stand out in the crowd. 

Retro Packaging Is Trending 

Nothing hits better than nostalgia, and the customers actually love packaging and designs that take them back to the old days. For this reason, you need to add a retro touch to your packaging and play around with the vintage themes. You can use the vintage elements from the old days and combine them with a modern twist to capture attention. For instance, the old glass bottles can be utilized for liquids soaps, and they can be enclosed in brown and grey boxes. 

Honestly, when every soap brand is running after the cutting-edge designs, going vintage and retro will set your brand apart. However, if you don’t like vintage too much, you can use retro labels to add a statement. 

Show Creativity With Graphics 

Customized packaging is incomplete without storytelling – well, this is what the recent packaging trends say. With time, every brand has started utilizing this concept to enhance communication with the customer base and connect on a personal level. The brands are trying to make strong connections with the target audience base. So, it’s time you let the creative juices flow and let the customers be creative about the brand and backend story. 

Keep in mind customer communication will make the relationship stronger. Having said that, you can use the graphical designs to communicate the value and reflect on what you are standing for. In simpler words, the graphics need to highlight how the products will make the customers feel. In simpler words, storytelling will put you on top. 

On a concluding note, the soap packaging is undergoing a major shift with changes in customer behavior, and the soap brands have to play along to retain and increase sales. So, if you want creative packaging that meets the trends, get in touch with WeCustomBoxes today!

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