Many Financial Aid Awards are Based on Credits

Did you know that many of your financial aid awards are based on credits? Certain aid programs require you to maintain full time enrollment, others require at least half time status and a few will award you at less than half time.

For eligible undergraduate students, state regulations require students awarded the New Jersey State Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) to be enrolled full time (that’s 12 credits or more at Stockton). Any TAG eligible student who is less than full time will not receive their award.

Students who receive supplemental grants like the SGIA or SEOG and institutional merit-based scholarships are required to maintain full time enrollment.

Federal regulations require students who have been offered Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans to be enrolled at least half time (that’s at least 6 credits at Stockton) to receive their awards. Many private lenders follow the same terms and require students to be at least half time. Some private lenders will approve students for loans at less than half time. Click here to explore loan options and view a list of frequently used lenders by Stockton students.

The Federal Pell Grant is awarded to all eligible students enrolled (with the exception of Pell Grants awarded for the summer, where students need to be enrolled at least half time (6 credits)). The award amount, however is pro-rated based on credits enrolled. Students will receive the full amount for which they are eligible if they are enrolled full time. Students enrolled at least half time will receive half of the award for which they are eligible. Students enrolled for less than half time will receive a quarter of the award for which they are eligible.

Enrolling full time will allow you to save money and utilize all of the aid for which you are eligible. To maximize your aid, take advantage of our flat-rate tuition, where you can take 12-20 credits for the same price!

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