Class Website Navigation 101

What you need to use the class website:

  • A computer with an active Internet connection
  • Browser software (e.g. Safari, Netscape, etc.) installed on your computer

Step One: Open your Internet browser and go to the site

Step Two: Tour the class homepage

  • The opening page has a detailed course description; use the scroll bar along the right side to make all the text visible
  • Along the top of the page you will also find a series of links that will take you other pages within our class site as well as to external pages

Step Three: Explore the links!

  • The links at the top of the page take you to other pages within our class site
    • Want to return to the class’s homepage? Just click the title: “Stockton College at Medford Leas” that appears at the top of every class page

Step Four: Consider Writing a Post. Here’s the five-step process:

  1. Look for “The Categories” section on the right side of the class homepage
  2. Click “Class Discussion Board”
  3. Click “Comments”
  4. Type the message you would like to appear in the box that appears under “Leave a Reply”
  5. Click “Submit Comment” (This is important: if you don’t click this box, your comment will not be saved and will not appear on the webpage.)