Underground Railroad – Resources for teachers and students

Text and Multimedia Resources

Giles Wright, Steal Away, Steal Away: A Guide to the Underground Railroad in New Jersey

See pages 6-8 for a list of Underground Railroad sites in South Jersey.

New Jersey’s Underground Railroad

A succinct article about Underground Railroad sites in NJ from the Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism

William Still’s National Significance Still Family Collection, Temple University Library

This collection includes a brief introduction by Diane Turner, Curator of the Blockson Afro-American Collection at Temple University, one of the nation’s foremost university-based collections of African-American prints, photographs, slave narratives, manuscripts, letters and other materials.

7 Steps to Freedom

This digital exhibit recounts stories about the abolitionist struggle from different points of view, including a Quaker abolitionist, Civil War soldier, a slave catcher, and a young African American girl who became a poet and conductor on the Underground Railroad. In addition to audio tracks of the on site walking tour, the website includes several brief video clips about studying the Underground Railroad featuring the late Clement Price.

Williams Still’s Underground Rail Road Records: With a Life of the Author  (1886)


Underground Railroad: The William Still Story 

This documentary, co-produced by PBS and WHYY, recounts the story of William Still, one of the mid-Atlantic’s best-known conductors on the Underground Railroad. Website includes the full 55-minute film (available under the tab “Film”), as well as a collection of five intermediate or middle-school based lesson plans (targeting grades 6-8; available under the tab “Classroom”) intended to expand understanding about how the Underground Railroad operated.