Three Centuries of South Jersey Literature – Resources for teachers and students

“Baron of the Pines” – Everett Tomlinson’s account of Fenton the Outlaw, a Pine Barren Robber known as the Baron of the Pines.

Bibliography of South Jersey poetry The introduction to Stephanie Allen’s bibliography of South Jersey poetry.

Library of Congress Teacher’s Guides for Analyzing Primary Sources

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Primary Sources from the Pine Barrens

The letters below are from a gift to Stockton University’s Special Collections of around 90 letters from Emma Van Sant Moore to Hollis Koster — one side of a correspondence about South Jersey poetry that lasted from the beginning of 1946 through 1949.

Letter 1

Letter 2


Kate-Aylesford-House,-Pleasant-Mills (2)

The first novel set in South Jersey was Charles J. Peterson’s Kate Aylesford: A Story of the Refugees (1855), reworked as Kate Aylesford or the Heiress of Sweetwater (1873). The photograph above is the supposed house in Sweetwater, NJ (near Batsto) around which parts of the story revolve. The text was republished in a modern edition for the first time in 2001.

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Professor Tom Kinsella’s PowerPoint Presentation on South Jersey Literature

Henry Charlton Beck, “The Jersey Devil,” Jersey Genesis: The Story of the Mullica River. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1945.

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Bill Sprouse, The Domestic Life of the Jersey Devil: Or, Bebop’s Miscellany. Greater Egg Harbor: Oyster Eye Publishing, 2013.