Bringing Human Rights Home- Resources for Teachers and Students

Jamaica Kincaid: “In History,” in Callaloo (1997)

In this insightful essay, Antiguan-American author and Honorary Doctorate recipient Jamaica Kincaid questions the concept of history and the impact of colonialism on how history is written.

Jamaica Kincaid: “Girl,” in The New Yorker (1978)

In this intriguing short story, Jamaica Kincaid depicts the struggle between an Antiguan mother and daughter as the mother tries to offer advice to her daughter on how to act like a proper, respectable lady.

Stephanie Black: “Life and Debt,”(2001)

The documentary Life and Debt focuses on the day-to-day economic struggle of Jamaicans as their local economy is impacted by the International Monetary Fund, large corporate interests, and the global economy.

PBS: Life and Debt,(2018)

This PBS interactive teaching tool helps teachers break down the major themes of the documentary Life and Debt through video clips, related reading lists, and how to host public screening events.

Glenn Michael Gordon: “Reaching Beyond the University: Writing the Op-Ed,” in The Morningside Review

In this article, Glenn Michael Gordon demonstrates the positive impact of students writing Op-Ed essays that are not just for their professors, but for a much wider and public audience.

The United Nations: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” (2015)

This is the formal listing of economic, social, political, cultural, and civil rights the United Nations believes should be given to all human beings.

The OpEd Project

The Morningside Review