Have a question for me? Check these FAQ.

1. How do I get my swipe to let me into the creative writing lab, F-218?

E-mail me at cynthia dot king at stockton d0t edu. I’ll put the work order in if you e-mail your Z number.

2. How do I get a POI from you?

E-mail me. If you have already done Introduction to Creative Writing and or Craft Workshop, you should be able to take the upper level workshops, no problem. If you are not a LITT major, send a sample of your writing and explain what elective you want to take. We often recommend that if you have never had creative writing, you should try our Intro class which is designed to be pretty foundational.

3. How can I make you my preceptor?

Go to this form, print it, fill it out, and bring it to my office during the school year months.

4. Is there a creative writing club?

Christian Cornier was the last head of the creative writing club. You can e-mail me to find out where this organization stands.

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