I am an associate professor of creative writing at the Stockton University. I teach 20th century American poetry with an emphasis on experimental lyrics, spoken word, and poetry that reflects the diversity of American culture. I also teach fiction, creative writing workshops, and GIS courses that ask the question how do we create community in the digital age such as Politics of Food and Quilts. My poetry chiefly inquires after the dislocated individual, interrogates the notion of race, and explores connections between strangers. My poems are widely available on the web: just Google my pen name — Cynthia Arrieu-King.

My books include People are Tiny in Paintings of China which was published by Octopus Books in the fall of 2010. For this book, I went through several outside cover design artists before getting the help of Margaret McCann, formerly of Stockton’s painting faculty, and Ken Miranda who graduated with a degree in graphic design from Stockton in 2010. It looks beautiful. In April 2012, my second book, Manifest, was released by Switchback Books after winning the Gatewood Prize judged by Harryette Mullen. I’ve written two collaborative books of poetry with my good friends: with Sophia Kartsonis I wrote By Some Miracle a Year Lousy with Meteors and with the late Hillary Gravendyk I wrote Unlikely Conditions.

For more information about my published poetry, reviews, conference presentations, and my current poetry reading schedule, visit my website here.

Questions? You can reach me at cynthia d0t king At stockton d0t edu.

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