What Is the National Police Check? Why Is It Important For Students?

A National Police Check is an official background evaluation required in Australia for several employment and other legal purposes. It consists of a document that examines an individual’s criminal history. The certificate lists down all the criminal offences that the applicant has committed if any. The offence is only documented when it is committed within the boundaries of a particular country. 

A criminal record check is often required as a part of the employment screening process, especially for sensitive and confidential jobs. It might also be required to apply for any kind of volunteer role, visa application, immigration purpose and others. Sometimes students are also required to present their past criminal history records before seeking admission to any college or university. 

Why Do Students Need a Police Certificate? 

Most students who are applying for higher or tertiary education in Australia are often required to present a police clearance certificate. The majority of students who need to present their criminal history are generally aged 18 years and above. 

Sometimes universities and colleges seek police clearance in order to send students for volunteer work. Higher educational institutions also require students to obtain criminal clearance certificates to provide them with potential employment opportunities. Most employers in Australia require candidates to present a National Police Check certificate as part of hiring formalities. 

Which Jobs Require A Police Clearance?

The requirement of police clearance can be commonly seen in several companies and organizations across Australia. However, people are mainly required to present a criminal record check when they plan to serve any government job roles. A police certificate is also required for social service jobs like police organizations or firefighters. 

Candidates are also required to present a criminal clearance certificate if they work around children or elderly people. Criminal background proof is also necessary for working with disabled individuals or any other vulnerable group. Vocational roles like doctors or lawyers or any jobs that serve common people and society require a police clearance. 

What Does A National Police Check Certificate Consist Of? 

A police check certificate contains a detailed record of an individual’s past criminal history. It documents all the convictions a person has committed within the state and territory of a particular country. 

The criminal record certificate consists of a record of all offences, convictions, court proceedings and ongoing or pending criminal cases. A National Police Certificate shows a document with no reports if the candidate has no record of any criminal activity. Meanwhile, a certificate shows a history of past convictions or criminal records when candidates are found guilty of previous crimes. 

Is Criminal Record Check Necessary For Student VISAs? 

Like many other nations around the world, Australia allows international students to pursue higher education in the country. Students from across the globe can apply to study in any Australian college or university. However, it is mandatory for abroad students to have a student visa to study in Australia. 

In order to apply for a student visa in Australia, students need to obtain a National Police Check clearance.  A police clearance certificate determines whether a student has an existing or non-existing criminal history. It is one of the key documents required to successfully obtain a student visa. 

Why Is Police Check Important For Students? 

A police check is necessary for students to get internship and student placement opportunities that require police clearance. Most students are usually required to take up volunteering work. A police check certificate can help students get volunteer jobs that require background clearance more easily. 

Police certificates make it easy for students to apply for or receive job offers at reputed companies requiring criminal background checks. It also allows students to apply for government jobs or social service roles. It helps international students in the student VISA application process. 

How to Get a Valid Police Check Done? 

Students in Australia can apply for an authentic police clearance certificate from any Australian Police Force. Students can also seek help from any government body to apply for a police check certificate. It is even easier for students to apply for clearance from an ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) accredited agency.

It is necessary to make sure that the clearance certificate is valid. Students should state the certificate should be valid across the entire country. A police check certificate should always contain a candidate’s name or date of birth. The name should also match the one mentioned on the official Student ID.

Therefore, it can be considered that National Police Check is highly important for all students especially in a country like Australia. However, it should always be remembered that police checks can only be done upon the candidate’s agreement. Irrespective of a student or employee, it is important to have the candidate’s consent before conducting a police check. 

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