Top 10 Color by Number pages for Kindergarten

Color by number is an outstanding educational tool for kindergartners. It helps kids to learn the importance of following instructions and how to correctly color pictures and function better when dealing with other tasks. 

Color by numbers is a fantastic coloring page that enables kids to recognize the essence of symbols and understand their meanings. The numbers are easily recognized to represent Objects and not only for counting or calculations. 

Color by number pages is a great foundation for early learning success in kindergarten. So, we are here to help kindergartners learn their numbers, letters and colors with this eye-opening post. Here are top 10 color by number coloring pages to engage your kindergartners. Enjoy!

1. Sun And Rainbow Color by Number.

This color by number pages teaches kids about the wonders of nature. The sun and rainbows coloring pages are sought out printables for kids across the world. Kids not only color the rainbow and sun but love to paint and draw them due to their simple appearance. 

These coloring pages can take them on a trip to the skies to understand what takes place there. They can have endless fun as they provide seven different colors to brighten the rainbow and give a shining color to the sun. What a great way to have fun and learn. 

As a pastime activity for kids, these color by number pages have rainbow images, the sun images and even the stars and clouds. These coloring pages can be printed or downloaded for kids to enjoy their coloring activity.

2. Care Bear color by number

Kids love seeing the pictures of bears because they look cute enough to cuddle.

Care Bears were created in 1981 by American Greetings Corporation and later became teddy bears and appeared in their own television special. Care Bear is a fictional character that can be colored to have a multi-colored appearance. This character has been used in Movies, TV programs, toys and even on greeting cards.  It has a nice look and kids will have great fun coloring these pages.  They won’t  hate colorful bears in different moods and styles. There  are color key instructions labeled in numbers that can be followed by kids to give multi-color to the images.

3. Monster Inc color by number

“Monster Inc.” is a computer-animated film centering on two monsters, Sully and Mike. These monsters generate the city’s electricity by scaring children. This color by number pages is so much fun for kids. 

In this Monster’s Inc. color by numbers, kids can enjoy practicing their numeral recognition skills by coloring in a humorous scene from Disney’s “Monster’s Inc.” They can use their basic counting skills and the keys provided at the bottom of the page to fill in the colors. 

The numbers in the image correspond with the color listed on the bottom page and kids can use a pen, pencil or  watercolors to derive an amazing picture of the monster. 

4. Little Fairy color by number

Little Fairy color by number  guaranteed to be loved by kids, most especially the little girls. They are fascinated with the story of the little Fairy and will be impressed by these color by number pages. 

In these coloring pages, they can color the images of the little Fairy using the key colors on the numbers. They can  bring the fairy out of the hiding by coloring the picture according to the numbers. Kids can learn counting skills as they engage in the coloring activity. 

5. Gingerbread House color by number

Gingerbread House color by number is a great way to engage kindergartners. In this coloring page is an image of a lovely and detailed illustration of a gingerbread house that kids will love to decorate and color. 

This Coloring page is a great way to help kids practice numbers without being coerced because it features gingerbread houses with hills as backdrops. Little kids can follow the key instructions at the bottom of the pages to enable them to create a masterpiece. This keeps them busy for a long time and keeps their minds working to create colorful and creative design. 

6. New year color by number 

New year color by number is a good way for kids to usher in the new year by engaging in this activity. 

In these coloring pages, they can colour images of clocks striking midnight,  fireworks and balloons, party hats, horns and confetti. Kids can practice number recognition, color words and fine motor skills while coloring. They can practice identifying numbers  and learn fun facts about the new year.

7. Animals Color by number

Animals Color by number helps kids to learn about numbers and color the animals. These coloring pages slightly disguise the animals so that kids can color and reveal the identity of each animal. 

Image: Colorir com Números

Animals coloring pages is a good time filler activity for kids to avoid boredom. Kids  can also learn about a lot of animal names which include; Lion, Monkey, Giraffe, Bird, Elephant, Dinosaur, Cow, Cat, to mention but a few. 

8. Shapes color by number

shapes make up things that kids  see in their environment every day. Shapes color by number is a fun way to help kindergartners learn the basics shapes.The pages focus on basic shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, ovals which becomes visible as kids add colors using the color key instructions written on the bottom page based on the numbers. 

Kids can also count the number of sides in the illustrated shapes as they use the color key. The multiple shapes can be given the same number. This creates the awareness of mathematical shapes and color recognition.  

9. Toy Color by number

Kids play with toys everyday and even use them for other things. This is a simple coloring page for little kids which can boost their math skills and aid number recognition.

Toy Color by number pages feature different toy images with each key having the colors to be used with the corresponding numbers. They can develop their fine motor skills, practice numbering and improve their color recognition. 

10. Fruit Color by number

 Fruit color by number is a  simple color by number perfect for kids. These pages can make kids salivate for the treats of delicious fruits such as apples, pepper, lemons, corn etc  as they engage in coloring in. 

These pages are popular among kids because kids love fruits and they learn many names of fruits as they color their images. They can also use the right color in order to know the real color of fruits as well as the shapes.  Kids can use the color key at the bottom to discover different colors and shades. 

With printable color by numbers, you will definitely agree that they provide lots of learning and fun for kids both in the classroom and at home. 

Have fun as you color in!

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