2 Pinelands: Mystery

Secrets, mystery, and hidden adventure are all part of the Pine Barrens and its literature.  The Pine Barrens Mystery (1937), one of a dozen mysteries written by Augusta ­Huiell Seaman, is centered on a deserted house in the barrens.  Henry Charlton Beck has a South Jersey priest as his main character in Death by Clue (1933).  Secret lovers find a hiding place and trouble in the Pine Barrens in Harris Dulany’s One Kiss Led to Another (1994).  A sixteen-year-old girl, who has recently moved to the Pine Barrens, unravels a mystery and undergoes a test of faith in Gloria Repp’s Night Flight (1991).  Even Joyce Carol Oates, writing as Rosamond Smith, has spun a tale of mystery in The Barrens (2002).  The Pine Barrens provide a perfect locale for seclusion, obscurity, and the introduction of the unknown.  Do you dare?

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