Global Case Studies

After recently reading about global case studies in my text, they are all important and help the global community out in their own way. Many of the studies focus on … Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual reality is a new and upcoming tool that is being used for many worldly things. One of the things that is using virtual reality is classrooms. Teachers are finding … Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling

As the use of technology increases, there is now many more ways to tell stories and share life experiences. I used a tool called Adobe Spark Post to create a … Continue Reading →

Reflection: Out of Eden Walk

The first thing I notice before indulging in the details of this website was how creatively set up the site was and how easily accessible it made the information. I … Continue Reading →

Textbook Reading: Norm 1 & 2

Reading about norm 1 and 2 in the textbook was interesting. Each norm provided was simple but led to deeper thinking for me. Norm one sad “Be Prepared.” This is … Continue Reading →

New Tool: Google My Maps

A quote used to describe my last few assignments! I have recently been learning so much new information about the teaching profession and learning about new tools. One that stood … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Blogging (So Far)

Blogging has been very new and different to me. I have also had mixed feelings about the blogging process itself. Some weeks I have loved it, and others the complete … Continue Reading →

Cultural Television

I watched a show titled Queen of Hearts. It is a telenovela and is a Spanish show. I chose this show because I am minoring in Spanish and have been … Continue Reading →

Twitter: A Great Experience

When I found out that I was going to have to make a Twitter account for my class, and stay active on it, I was very surprised. Although surprised, I … Continue Reading →

Supporting Others by Using Online Education

Online education is becoming a bigger aspect of education every day. As technology is becoming easier and more known, more classrooms are utilizing it to make their learning environment the … Continue Reading →