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Close Reading Links

What is Close Reading? (Mantex.co.uk Press)

Close Reading (Purdue OWL)

Critical Reading: A Guide (Professor John Lye)

Providing Close Reading Evidence (Norton)

Close Reading Poetry Sample (Purdue OWL)

Close Reading Poetry Sample II (Modern American Poetry)

Close Reading Prose (Fiction) Sample (CGU Writing Center)

Short introduction to metaphor: Jame Geary

Literary Terms

Similes and Metaphors

Literary Terms with The Deadly Syndrome!

Flocabulary – Five Things (Elements of a Short Story)

Literary Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Bedford Glossary of Literary Terms

Stockton students and library patrons may access all Oxford References (listed below). From the library homepage, select “Dictionaries.” Oxford Reference Online is the first link.


MLA Citation Basics (Purdue OWL)

American Literature

Outline of American Literature (US Government)

Bibliography: Outline of American Literature (US Government)

Contemporary American Literature (US Government)

Dr. J’s A-Z Literature Links (Professor Kristin Jacobson)