Do you want to lose your teaching job?

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mobile-social-heroIn today’s society, almost everyone engages in the use of social media. According to N.J. School Boards Association Issues Model Social Networking Policy, school boards are required to have policies governing the use of social media communication between teachers and students. These policies must be written to standardize appropriate ways of virtual contact between students and faculty. In our present world, this is important. We are living in a time where technology is a big part of society. I always hear things about being careful of what I post online because future jobs might look at it. Now that they have specifics in what we should or should not be posting, it will be easier for employees to be more careful about these things. Also, this will make it easier for employers to have specific documentation to reference when accusing someone. The bill allows different communities to have different policies when it comes to the guidelines of internet use. This is very important because different communities have different types of people living there with different opinions. So policies should consider the needs and culture of the community.

Although different districts may have different rules as to what you should or should not be posted on the internet, these are my tips concerning ways to avoid losing your job while using technology!

  1. Keep your accounts on private. Although you shouldn’t post anything you do not want students or employers to see, you also don’t know who’s going to tag you in an inappropriate picture. To make your life easier put your accounts on private!
  1. Keep your accounts unsearchable. Kids these days can easily search you on the internet. To make sure they will be unable to, use a fake name. Maybe a nickname or middle name that only close family and friends would know. This way students and employers are unable to find you! Only share these accounts with close family and friends.
  1. Keep your work life and personal life separate. Students should not know about your personal life. Avoid posting things on the internet that would affect your students comfort towards you if they ended up seeing it.


If you came to this page wondering how you can get fired, do not follow those tips! Follow these tips as to how to lose your job:

  1. Keep your personal accounts open to the public. Adding students on personal social media accounts will allow them to see everything you post. Most schools do not allow you to friend your students on your personal accounts. This a great way for you to lose your job!
  1. Share racist, prejudice, or sexual content for everyone to see. Whether if it is your own post, or someone else who tagged you; either will get you fired.
  1. Post inappropriate pictures that may make your students uncomfortable. Anything that can affect your students learning outcome will definitely do the trick!
  1. Communicate with your students nonprofessionally via text, phone call, private accounts, etc. Talking to students through personal accounts is not professional and will make you look suspicious!

And there you have it. Follow these tips and you will lose your job in no time!

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