On February 11, 2014, we met with Water Watch representatives before their meeting.After about twenty-minutes of discussion, delaying the start of their meeting, Jessica Okazaki, President asked us to return to the next meeting with a presentation for the group. We  greatly appreciate the invitation and want to present what we know or think is a potential solution to the problem.

We believe that activist’s should always involve the answer or potential solution to a problem in their efforts to initiate change. It is almost impossible to be credible without the solution. Knowledge and understanding of alternate positions and solutions avoids the potential for serious adversarial conflicts between parties that could lead to a standoff where  parties fail to listen or acknowledge the other parties position. Similar to how the American government operates.

We will do our best to have a mini-presentation complete about the use of beet juice (how about corn sugar?) as an alternative to road salt in time for Water Watch’s next meeting held in B126 on Tuesday February 18th @ 4:30 P.M.

An interview with Jamie Cromatie is scheduled for Tuesday February 18th @ 1:15 P.M. We want to thank him in advance for taking the time to meet and discuss de-icing issues and water quality.