I called the grounds department to retrieve their MSDS form that lists all the hazardous chemicals. I was placed on hold and transferred twice before reaching the grounds department. When I finally talked to the grounds the person I talked to did not tell me  what kind of salt just told me to go the right to know website where I would find the MSDS form.

I felt like they did not like me asking the about the salt, but I plan on going to the grounds department Monday  so they cant avoid me asking questions face to  face. I think I will find out more that way then from just calling them from  the phone. I will be asking what kind of salt and brine is used on the property. Another question I will be asking if they use well water or the public water system, from people around campus I have heard they use their own well system. They do use their on geothermal wells for heating the campus rather then just regular heating systems that homes use.

The issue that we need to find out is how much salt they lay out on the grounds each time a snow storm has arrived and if they use it along with sand as well or is just plain salt. Another is what kind of brine do they use along the side walks and walking area between the school buildings and what effect do they have when laid down before salt and the affect when they are brought together.

What effect does the mix between brine and salt have on the water system after seeping into the grounds and find out their chemical makeup. So I will get to the bottom of these answers hopefully Monday by talking to them in person and researching the chemical makeup of these chemicals.