We have an environmental related question that we wish to have addressed here at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  What is being done to investigate and develop a plan for the reduction in the use of winter deicing salts (NaCl)  on campus?

Our initial thoughts are to approach Water Watch and ask for their assistance in addressing this issue. Perhaps the issue has already been addressed on campus and we are unaware of the previous actions taken. Maybe there is nothing being done, because an alternative deicing method is not available or the substitute is too cost prohibitive.

Our inquiry is because of the potential for pollution and possible extirpation of local animal (amphibian and fish) and plant species over time. An increase in ground water salinity could negatively impact drinking water quality causing costly filtration for local businesses and homeowners. We are unsure of the drinking water source for the college at this time, but will be investigating same in the next few weeks.