May 2016

Jim Zorzi '93

Jim Zorzi ’93 was promoted to Executive Key Account Manager, Reproductive and Genetic Health at Illumina, Inc. He also recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with Wendy (Wright) Zorzi Class of ’92.

JoAnn Butturo '88

In less than a year, JoAnn Buttaro ’88 became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA as a Background Actor and is now a proud member. This is a career she never imagined having until she started the adventure and became hooked because she enjoys that every day she goes to work is new and different.

Mark Malinowski `01
, was recently promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant of the Economic Crimes Unit at the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, where he has been employed for 14 years.

The law firm of Sherman Silverstein is pleased to announce that William Mackin, Esq. ’83, was recently appointed as Chair of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Advisory Committee. Mr. Mackin was appointed as Chair of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Advisory Committee in September 2015 for a two-year term, after having served as the Vice-Chair of the Committee for the previous two years.


Mark Deebold '91

Author, Mark Deebold ’91 recently completed and published his first book, “Four Seasons in Hungary” detailing experiences in and around Hungary while on a Fulbright scholarship.  It is currently available on iBooks.


Kathy Lauckner '81
Kathy Lauckner ’81 often travels back to the Jersey Shore from Las Vegas for her summer vacation and a visit to the Stockton Campus is always a highlight of her trip. She describes being amazed at how a little college in the woods has become a University for the future.  She still has friends that work in the Life Sciences Laboratory and is where she got her start, working in Higher Education, washing lab ware and cleaning the rat cages. Career experts will tell you to search back to your Alma Mater for job opportunities, and Kathy did just that and is pleased to say that this Spring she will help team teach the first cohort of the Organizational Leadership Ed.D program, speaking about “Engaging communities and stakeholders.”  Kathy says she is glad she stayed engaged with the Stockton community and looks forward to future partnerships and visits.


David Waldron '81

David J. Waldron ’81 has written his second book, “The TEN DOMAINS of Effective Goal Setting” (Country View), now available in paperback on Amazon Books, and eBook in the Kindle Store. Rated a 90-minute read by Kindle, Waldron shares a powerful, yet practical foundation of goal setting that speaks to lifelong achievement in the areas of our personal and professional lives that matter most. The book offers a workable template providing the reader with a simple, holistic, and attainable objective toward a happier and more rewarding life at home, in school, at play, and in the workplace. Waldron’s first book, “A Great Place to Learn & Earn,” also available on Amazon and Kindle, is his professional memoir following a 24-year career in the postsecondary career education sector, where he served four tenures as a campus president in Providence and Boston. In a recent author interview on Goodreads, David acknowledged the mentorship of Stockton professor, Norma Grasso, who was influential in honing his writing skills as a student. He lives with his wife, Suzan, in northern Rhode Island.


Karen Forst '96

Karen Forst `96, has just been named Director of Grants and Fundraising at Laura Bishop Communications, where she previously was a Development and Grants Consultant. Forst brings a decade’s worth of grant writing, fundraising, and board development experience to the public relations firm.