July 2015




Teri Weeks ’90 graduated from Stockton University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies. Teri has been chosen as the New Jersey Association School Business Official’s (NJASBO) President-Elect for the 2015-2016 school year. Early in her career, Weeks was an auditor at Ford, Scott, Seidenburg & Kennedy in Ocean City, NJ. Since 1997, Weeks has served as the Business Administrator (BA) for the Lindwood Board of Education. She is a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations and a Certified Public Accountant. She is also the Treasurer for the Mainland Youth Lacrosse Club and a past Treasurer for the Atlantic County CPA Society. Weeks and her husband, Eric, live in Lindwood with their two children, Erica and Nevin. In addition to attending their children’s sporting events, the family enjoys outdoor activities including snowboarding and wake-boarding.



Lillian Hussong `12, Adjunct Professor of Stockton University School of General Studies, presented a three-part series of lectures at the Manahawkin Instructional Site.  The lectures, titled Persecution of the Gypsies during the Holocaust, Persecution of the Disabled during the Holocaust and Rwanda: Road to Genocide took place over the course of the spring.  An additional lecture titled, Holocaust by Bullets, is scheduled for August.

Hussong, who volunteered her time to present the three part lecture, has dedicated her academic career to the study of genocide and mass atrocity crimes.  “The Manahawkin Instructional Site’s Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series, that opened with three lectures by Lillian Hussong, has had such a profound and meaningful impact on the students and the community that we continue to host additional lectures,” said Michele Collins-Davies, Manager of the Manahawkin Instructional Site. “Other faculty who teach at the site, are scheduled to present upcoming programs including, Dr. Deb Dagavarian, on the Armenian Genocide and Dr. Richard O’Meara on Ethnic Violence and Iraq.”

Hussong says, “I volunteer because I love learning and I want to offer opportunities for other people to learn.  Genocide is so easily misunderstood, but through teaching I try to make these historical complexities accessible to everyone so each person can try to get involved in understanding human struggle.  I am happiest when I see a classroom full of people asking questions and starting a conversation about how these issues translate into everyday life and what we all can do to speak out.”  Hussong’s future plans include starting at Rutgers University – Newark in the fall in a PhD program for Global Affairs.











Megen D. Cummings ’11 has been selected for the F. Edward Herbert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) into the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. While attending Stockton University, Megen was involved with the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, Books without Borders, and toured South Africa. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Biology, she received a Master’s Degree in Laboratory Animal Science from Drexel University College of Medicine. She is currently attending Mississippi State University College of Veterinarian Medicine to receive her doctorate in veterinary medicine. Upon graduation, Megen will be promoted to captain and will be an active duty veterinarian in the army providing care for military work dogs, ceremonial horses, working animals for The Department of Homeland Security organizations, and pets of service members.




Audra (Schappell) Crist ’08/M.A.I.T. ’14 welcomed her first child on April 30, 2015, son Connor John Crist. Audra earned two degrees from Stockton University, her Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education in 2008 and her Master of Arts in Instructional Technology in 2014.



Stockton Sweethearts Jaclyn Laurencelle and Adam Brent tied the knot on their 10-year anniversary, June 6, 2015. After meeting in high school, the two attended Stockton University to continue their relationship. With the help of their dog Bailey, Adam proposed to Jaclyn in August 2013. After months of saving and planning, the two wed in June 2015 at The Barn at Perona Farms in Andover.




Jacklyn Buckingham ’12 says teaching TV Broadcast and Theater at Middle Township High School is her dream job. In 2004, Jacklyn graduated from MTHS and headed to Montclair State University to major in Theatre. After college, she pursued an acting and Broadway career in New York City. After several years of auditions and shows, Jacklyn decided to pursue an additional bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education from Stockton University. Earning her degree in 2012 helped her land a job at her high school alma mater teaching TV Broadcast and Theater. Buckingham continues to sing professionally and is thrilled to be back where it all started.




Howell Police Chief Ronald Carter ’73 retired after 41 years of services with the HPD as of Jun 30, 2015. He graduated from Howell High School in 1969 and continued his studies at Brookdale Community College. Carter then transferred to Stockton University where he earned his degree in criminal justice. Not long after graduation, Carter began his work as a dispatcher for the Howell Police Department in 1974 and eventually moved up in ranks from sergeant to lieutenant to chief. As he prepares to step down as chief, Carter offered some advice to whoever succeeds him. “Our captain and lieutenants go to the best school, so I would like to see the good training continue when I retire. I would also like the department to continue with the School Resource Officer program because it is so important for students to see the recognizable face of a police officer,” he said.




Bruce Mohn ’92 graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. His studies in biology, anatomy and fossil reconstruction have come in handy as a Biological Artist and Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Rutgers. Among his recent projects are the restoration of a giant spider crab on display at the Rutgers Geology Museum and the skeleton of a small dinosaur, the Compsognathus Longipes, on display in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.




Corinne E. Molineaux ’12 graduated from Stockton University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. A Haddon Heights native, Corinne moved to Orlando, Florida after graduation to work for Walt Disney World. Her career there began as a lifeguard and has evolved to a Trainer for Recreation Cast Members. In addition to enjoying the magic of Disney World, Corinne enjoys spending time with her nephews in Florida.



Kate Crossley Hamilton ’14 graduated from Stockton University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. With a well-rounded liberal arts education, Kate recently began her career as a loan officer trainee at Freedom Mortgage.



Ashley Nicole Morris ’14 graduated from Stockton University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. She is currently managing her personal wedding and portrait photography business. www.AshleyNPhotography.com



Stockton Sweethearts Chelsea Eckhardt Butler ’08 and Jeff Butler ’06 share a picture of their two future Ospreys. Chelsea earned a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology while Jeff earned a degree in Teacher Education.



Kaitlyn Odgers ’14 of Barnegat, NJ graduated from Stockton University in 2014 with a degree in Education and Literature. On June 24, Kaitlyn received the New Jersey Distinguished Student Teacher Award, which recognizes the top 15 graduates of teacher education programs throughout the state. She was selected out of 44 nominees from 22 colleges and universities.




Jessica Sawyer ’06 graduated from Stockton University in 2006 with a degree in the arts and theatre. Jessica is married to her Stockton Sweetheart, a 2004 graduate. The have one future Osprey and another one on the way. Jessica is currently working with the Office of Alumni Affairs at Stockton University to establish an Alumni Theatre Company.



Zachary Neilson ’09 and Ashley Neilson ’09 are Stockton Sweethearts who both graduated in 2009 with their bachelor degrees in Psychology. Zachary attended Rutgers University Law and is a practicing social security disability attorney at Polonsky and Polonsky Attorneys at Law. Ashley graduated from Rutgers University with her Master of Social Work. She currently is a licensed social worker at NJ Mentor working with at-risk youth in therapeutic foster care and working towards her clinical license. They got married in 2012 and live in Cherry Hill, NJ with their miniature daschund, Nathan.

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