Sophomore Marquez Jones Spreads Wings at Stockton

I graduated from Holy Spirit in the spring of 2016 and before I even graduated enrolled in ACCC for their summer sessions which began in May 2016.  I did this after a series of meetings in the Stockton University admissions office with Mr. Melvin Gregory whose care and guidance I’ll forever be grateful for as he told me you must prove your worthy of college admission. My high school years were mostly a slow personal and academic growth, as my dad used to say I was maturing into the man and student I am today. I was on the football team and although rarely playing, put in 100% effort and certainly the experience was an integral part of molding me.

I did exceptional in my summer and fall classes at ACCC and as they say the light bulb switched on and I matched my career goals of being a NJ State Trooper with my academic achievements.

As Mr. Melvin Gregory said to me; “perform at the highest levels and Stockton University would be proud to consider my admission”. He was right of course, I was admitted to Stockton University as a transfer student from ACCC with a major in Criminal Justice starting with the spring 2017 semester.

Now in my sophomore year at Stockton University I must admit the time is flying by and my experiences at Stockton University have exceeded my expectations. I have dormed in the upper classman apartments and now the Seaview Marriott with both experiences being positive and offering me as my dad would say, the second most important aspect of going to college; to learn about life, people and myself.

My advisor, Mrs. Marissa Levy has been helpful and in the spirit of ensuring I learn to act independently making me use my own analytical and thinking skills. In the courses I’m taking, I am learning college coursework is so different than high school and so much more rewarding. I am learning about critical thinking pathways and studying coursework that is relevant in today’s world.

Stockton University is fulfilling all my dreams and aspirations. I hope to be accepted into the dual degree program in Criminal Justice at the end of my sophomore year and receive my master’s degree in five years.

I wanted to make sure I emphasize the one thing that has been so influential to my time at Stockton University; during orientation, everyone emphasized you should smile, say hello, ask questions and break out of your shell and talk to people. I really took that to heart and I must tell you; “it works”. If you want a great college experience.

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