Bird’s Eye View – Ariane Newman ’90 & John Gray ’92

 As school begins, we are highlighting Assistant Dean Ariane Newman ’90 and Assistant Dean Dr. John Gray ’92. Newman and Gray met at Stockton on their first day of orientation, and have remained close friends. After graduating, both went into their respective fields but chose to stay close to Stockton. Now, both Newman and Gray are back at Stockton-making an impact on students.

Ariane Newman and John Gray

Ariane Newman and John Gray

How did Stockton help support you, personally and academically?

John: I worked outside of school, and fell asleep in class often. In my Introduction to Gerontology course the professor called out to me as I drifted off, “Give me a hug.” When I realized my potential, I never slept in class again. Stockton helped make me who I am today.

Ariane: When we were in school, you went to Harvey, Art Davis, or Dean Marchetti if you had an issue. Vera Farris was around campus, hugging students and asking about their day. Having a network of faculty, you knew cared about you.


What is your advice for graduating Ospreys?

Ariane: Learn about your impact, and leverage your talents. I always tell my students to have a 1-3-5 year goal. What are three you have going for you? What are three barriers you have going against you, and what resources do you have? Understand why, and then determine the impact.

John: Develop relationships and keep connected.


In one sentence, share what you learned from Stockton.

Ariane: Become a student of the process.

John: Give back what was given to you.

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