More than 80 Dance Alumni Honor Professor Henry van Kuiken’s Retirement

During his more than 30 years of teaching at Stockton, Professor Henry van Kuiken (affectionately referred to as HVK) inspired so many students.  With his upcoming retirement, we wanted to take the chance to honor him with a surprise event that included alumni performing excerpts from a number of the dances he has choreographed over the years.  At the end of Stockton Dance Company’s Spring Dance Concert, current students and alumni took to the PAC stage to perform a bit of Henry’s ballet class, and then groups of alumns shared part of the dances he had created for them.  With over 80 alumni present, either onstage or in the audience, and with over 40 current students participating, HVK was left speechless.  Thank you to all of the alumni, students, faculty, and administrators who came to the event and made it such a special occasion.  Thank you to HVK for all he has given to Stockton University and our students!

“The years I spent with Henry and the Stockton Dance Company will always hold a special place in my heart.  Henry had and still has a huge influence on my dancing and my teaching….I am the teacher, choreographer and studio owner I am today because of him.  When I heard about the Alumni event, I jumped at the chance to see Henry and share the PAC stage again with fellow alumns.  When we took the stage, and the lights came up, I felt at home.  The event was an emotional one.  It was amazing to see how many dance lives Henry has touched throughout the years.  He has given so much to so many….I could never repay him for the knowledge he has given to me…..all I can say is thank you to the best mentor a person could have!” Christine Callahan-Levenson ’97

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