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About fifteen weeks ago, I began my journey in my Web Tools class. I was unaware if I was going to handle the course load and all the requirements it demanded. However, as the semester progressed I was pleasantly surprised how intriguing the assignments were and how they challenged me. Web Tools added a new set of resources into my toolbox to use whether I am teaching in the classroom or working for a company.  I started the semester with minimal experience with technology and social media tools. Today, I can proudly say I have developed a PLN, established a blog to feature my use with technology, and a plethora of resources to explore and integrate into the classroom.  I was unaware that the world of technology transformed education from a teacher lecturing to dissecting cadavers with the use of augmented reality. To see how it can be used in the classroom and how it brings the students, teachers and the world together with the click of a button is really fascinating to me.

After reading the case studies at the end of the class textbook, The Global Educator, I found case study 4.3 intriguing. The pictures below are actual pictures of students who traveled each semester redesigning their curriculum with the use of technology.


Case Study 4.3 – THINK Global School: Learning to Be Global While Living Globally

How awesome is this to be able to travel to different parts of the world to learn and see how technology is used. I know the 60 students from grades 9-12  who had the opportunity to partake in the Think Global School where happy and excited to know that they were learning to their fullest extent. This Global schooling consisted of not only the 60 students but 12 teachers as well. They moved each semester, relocated to a new environment and got to re-develop curriculum based on the location they were in. The only three items the students and teachers used were a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone that consist of the 3:1 mobile program from 2010. This is what the education all over the world is striving for to connect teachers, students, and the world together just by the click of one button. I can only wish that I had the chance to partake in a school like this.

Below is Ayesha Kazim THINK Global School Testimonial

Below is a beautiful and eloquent statement to prospective TGS students from the graduating class of 2014.

Below is a short video encompassing fifteen life-changing adventures to partake in before you graduate TGS.

I have truly enjoyed my journey of self-discovery this semester while engrossed in Web Tools class. The knowledge I am taking with me has opened new doors for me to enter and explore while finishing my degree and once I graduate. Taking this class has sparked a love for technology I didn’t have prior to entering this class. I pray that you have enjoyed my blogs as I detailed my highs and low as I explored unknown territory within the world of online global collaboration. Until we meet again…

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