My Journey Through Blogging

My Journey Through Blogging!

Blog Post #7

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My Blogging Experience: Before taking the class Web Tools I actually had no idea what blogging was or how it even works. Until my professor introduced me to it is when I became in love with blogging. Throughout the weeks of blogging new stuff, I became more 1interested in keeping my blog website and using it for when I am a teacher!

What I like about Blogging: Some of the few things that Like about blogging is that you are able to post things on your website and other people from around the world are able to view them and comment on them. I think it is a unique way to learn different material. In the future when I become a teacher, one of the reasons I would like to blog is so that I can not only keep my students up to date with what we are doing in the classroom, but I can also keep the parents up to date as well.

5 Benefits of Blogging in the Classroom:

  • Blogging encourages Storytelling
  • Blogging encourages Research
  • Blogging encourages Analysis
  • Blogging promotes Interaction
  • Blogging promotes regular Writing

Why Your Students Should Blog: 6 Powerful Benefits

  • Blogging exercises student creativity
  • Regular Writing Sharpens the Brain’s Performance
  • Promote Expression of Self
  • Blogging Boosts Confidence
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Earn Income

Blogging in the classroom: Below is a link about why it is beneficial to blog in the classroom

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