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Blog post #6

Solo: For this week’s blog post the movie I chose to watch was “Solo.” This movie takes place in Canary Islands, in which a surfer falls off a cliff. While the surfer is fighting to survive, he is also reflecting on his life and past romance. (Based on true events) Down below is a link to the movie:



Cultural aspects of the characters and setting 

  • The setting took place on Canary Islands
  • The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago and the southernmost autonomous community of Spain located in the Atlantic Ocean
  • All characters in the movie are from Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • The Spanish culture is widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches, and lots of sunshine

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What was similar and different to my culture/Travel/Foods eaten/Weather/Adventures for fun/Characters value

  • Similar to my culture: 
    • Basically everything is the same
  • Travel:
    • They get from place to place by driving cars/trucks
  • Foods:
    • Paella
    • Jamon Iberico
    • Gazpacho
    • Pisto
  • Weather:
    • Warm
    • Rain
    • Storms
  • Adventures for fun:
    • The beach

Natural Landforms/Physical surroundings/Social cues/Cultural Influences/Economic situations/Politics

  • Natural Landforms:
    • Cliffs
    • Mountains
  • Physical Surroundings:
    • Beach-I noticed that there were big rocks located on the beach, while partially being in the water
    • Land
    • Ocean- seemed to be there were no waves, more so the water was just flat and calm
    • Rocks- Throughout the movie there were many rocks. Some were big, while others were smile or medium sized. Also, they were all different in color
  • Social Cues:
    • The main social cue that I noticed throughout the movie was scared and upset. The characters in the movie showed this by crying



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I hope you enjoyed reading my 6th blog post!

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