Graduating in December? Let’s Talk about Exit Counseling

Attention all December graduates: Congratulations! You’ve almost completed your studies and earned your degree! We are so incredibly proud of you!

Before you finish that last course, be sure you have completed all of your outstanding tasks with the university, including one very important financial aid requirement.

Borrowers of Federal Direct Loans are required to complete Exit Counseling the semester immediately preceding the completion of their degree. Anyone who has ever borrowed a federal direct loan must complete this requirement.

As loan repayment begins immediately or soon after graduation, it is important for borrowers to understand repayment and what repayment options they have available to them. This means that now is the time for our December graduates to complete Exit Counseling. Students who have completed Exit Counseling in a previous semester are required to complete a new Exit Counseling.

Exit Counseling is an interactive online module that provides important information regarding your rights and responsibilities to the federal loans you borrowed while attending Stockton University. Exit Counseling also provides examples of the various repayment plans available and loan forgiveness options for certain professions. It is an important and valuable tool to prepare you for loan repayment success.

This process takes only 20-30 minutes and will give you an understanding of loan repayment. Visit and be sure to have your FSA ID ready! If you cannot remember your FSA ID, you can reset it at

This requirement has been placed on the accounts of those borrowers graduating in December. The Office of Financial Aid receives notification of your completed Exit Counseling 1-2 business days after you have completed the requirement. After this notification is received, we will remove the Exit Counseling requirement from your account.

Holds will be placed on the accounts of those who do not complete the requirement. These holds prevent students from receiving their transcript and diploma. Holds are removed as Exit Counseling is completed by students and received by the Office of Financial Aid.

Review your federal loan borrowing history and learn more about loan repayment and repayment options at

If the need arises, the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group is a neutral, informal, and confidential resource to help resolve disputes about your federal student aid. Information may be found at and search “Ombudsman” or call (877) 577-2575.

If you also borrowed through a private education loan, you should contact them directly for information regarding repayment options.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact our office at Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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