20 Ways to Cut Your Costs for College Attendance

One of the biggest challenges as a student is figuring out ways to spend less — and still have a great college experience. The best way to accomplish this is by reducing some of your expenses as relates to your education. Always remember: the key is to have as little debt as possible after you finish college.

Here are twenty simple tips and tricks to reduce some of your expenses while at Stockton University:

  1. Graduate on time, within four years, don’t risk running out of financial aid eligibility.
  2. Enroll for at least 16 credits to 20 credits a semester. Take advantage of the flat rate tuition. You are paying for 16 credits per semester.
  3. Select a major and stick to it, seek advice from Academic Advising and the Career Center.
  4. Don’t withdraw from classes. Take advantage of the drop/add period to evaluate your course selection.
  5. Accelerate your progression to graduation by taking approved courses during the summer.
  6. Reduce the cost of textbooks by visiting the Ebook Central Collection on the Richard E. Bjork Library website.
  7. Work during the fall and spring semesters, if your coursework allows time.
  8. Work during winter, spring and summer breaks.
  9. Limit loan debt by borrowing only what you need to pay for tuition and fees and room/ board, if necessary.
  10. Current students – apply online for Foundation Scholarships from December through March.
  11. Check out the Scholarship Resource Center on the Financial Aid Office’s website.
  12. Follow us on Twitter @stocktonfinaid for additional scholarship opportunities.
  13. Shop and prepare cost effective meals in your apartment.
  14. Consider transportation alternatives, such as carpooling or taking the train and shuttle to campus.
  15. Save on car ownership by joining ZipCar, a car-sharing service at Stockton.
  16. Arrange your class schedule to allow for fewer trips to campus.
  17. Take online courses to reduce expenses associated with commuting. This also allows more time for working.
  18. Consider taking some classes at the other Stockton instructional sites closer to your residence.
  19. If you live on campus, choose one of the less expensive room and board options.
  20. Always, always, always BORROW CONSERVATIVELY.

About Christopher Connors, Jr.

Chris Connors is Associate Director of Financial Aid at Stockton University. He received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Stockton University. Chris is a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) and New Jersey Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NJASFAA). He is passionate about improving the use of technology within financial aid and uncomplicating the financial aid process for students and families.

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