In Journey from China to Venezuela to United States, Yibin Feng Finds a New Home at Stockton

Yibin Feng began life in Guangdong, China, and immigrated with his parents to Venezuela before finding a new home at Stockton University.

It was long road that began when he followed one of his sisters to attend college the United States.

“We found Atlantic Cape Community College provided English as a Second Language courses and I went there for English improvement and an associate degree,” he explained.  “Atlantic Cape is relatively close to my sister’s old house, I stayed with her at that time.” When it was time to transfer, he was accepted by Rutgers, Stockton and Temple University, and chose Stockton because most of his credits were accepted and fit well in the Computer Science & Information Systems curriculum, he explained.


Feng graduated from the School of Business in 2015 with a degree in Computer Sciences and now works in the Office of Global Engagement, which enables him to use his skills in information technology, tutoring, mentoring and helping people who like traveling as much as he does.

“I love working with students, faculty and staff,” he says. “As a student worker and now as an assistant in this office, India Karavackas and Natalja Manger have given me a lot of learning opportunities. I am glad that they trust me and give the chance to learn and handle projects/events planning.  It makes me feel very productive.”

Feng has a lot to say about his experiences at Stockton, both as a student and as an employee.

“As a student at Stockton, I was able to learn from experienced and knowledgeable professors and staff in different fields.  I am going to name only a few of them:

“India Karavackas, director of Office of Global Engagement, is my boss, mentor and also one of my best friends.  She always has great plans and ideas to keep us working.  She gives me support on almost everything, at work and in my personal life.  I really appreciate it.

“Natalja Manger, study abroad and international student adviser, is my other best friend at Stockton.  We work closely every day.  She trained me and taught me everything I need to know about studying about and advising students (within my capacity.)  There’s still a lot that I can learn from her,” he said.

“JY Zhou, internationalization specialist, always has some great topics and thoughts about global issues.  She is very kind and always helpful when I need some thoughts or help in the academic area since she works closely with other faculty on internationalizing our campus.

“Janet Wagner, dean of School of Business, is a very knowledgeable person and is easy to approach.  I remember when I took her classes, sometimes we sat together and she would explain everything in the easiest and most efficient way.

“The list can go on and on…including the faculty of the Computer Sciences Department.  I really want to say thank you to everyone that I’ve worked with and met at Stockton.”

In his personal life, Feng likes doing arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting and photography. He also collects postcards and pins from different places and has volunteered for some fund-raising walks and events to support the Lupus Foundation of America and Walk4MS.

He and his wife, Yuyan Chen, who goes by Rachel, live in Atlantic City. She is majoring in Public Health here.

Feng likes to work on computer programming/coding.  “I am not an expert on it, but writing and analyzing the code and its logic is interesting,” he says. He enjoys learning new software related to information management.  “I like to do reports and some data analysis on Excel. Dean Wagner taught me well,” he says.

As a student, he tutored some students in statistics as a volunteer and participated in events organized by the Computer Science students and “Commuters On the Go,” where he had friends.

He advises current students to take advantage of all that Stockton has to offer. “I don’t think there’s a ‘useless class’ in college – every class you take, you learn or get something from it.  It could be knowledge, skill or new friends,” he says.

“And as an employee at Stockton, I want to say: Cherish every opportunity to show your value at work, and try to do your best every day.”

What does the future hold for Feng?

“I am thinking about applying to an online graduate program on information systems, or information technology next year,” he says. Another alternative that would appeal to him is to land a full-time job at Stockton as an adviser.

“I also hope to work for an airline company or at an airport one day.  I like traveling and like to help people who love traveling, too,” he explains.

He credits his parents, sisters and wife with helping to support and inspire him.

“They are always there to support me, financially and emotionally, etc. I couldn’t make it without them.”

And to add to his support system, he says: “For me, Stockton is a big family.”