Surfer-Scholar Caroline Bowman Sails into Marine Science Aboard a Vessel in the Caribbean and at the SEA Campus in Woods Hole

From the moment her father pushed her into her first wave on a surfboard at age 7, Caroline Bowman’s life has revolved around the ocean’s tides, including her academic studies. The Marine Science major spent the spring semester of her sophomore year on SEA Semester’s campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and aboard the Corwith Cramer as she sailed through the Caribbean with the SEA program.

Bowman received a scholarship to study her major while living aboard a 134-foot sailing vessel with 22 equally ocean-minded shipmates for six weeks through the SEA Semester’s Colonization to Conservation of the Caribbean program. Prior to setting sail, she prepared for the experience during a shore component on SEA’s campus in Woods Hole by conducting research on conservation and bathymetry (bottom contour of the ocean floor) that she later tested at sea.

Caroline Lookout

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In Journey from China to Venezuela to United States, Yibin Feng Finds a New Home at Stockton

Yibin Feng began life in Guangdong, China, and immigrated with his parents to Venezuela before finding a new home at Stockton University.

It was long road that began when he followed one of his sisters to attend college the United States.

“We found Atlantic Cape Community College provided English as a Second Language courses and I went there for English improvement and an associate degree,” he explained.  “Atlantic Cape is relatively close to my sister’s old house, I stayed with her at that time.” When it was time to transfer, he was accepted by Rutgers, Stockton and Temple University, and chose Stockton because most of his credits were accepted and fit well in the Computer Science & Information Systems curriculum, he explained.


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