Ciara “C.C.” Barrick Uses Stockton Education as Springboard to Fulbright Fellowship in Cyprus

“I started to fall in love with Ancient Greek when I learned the origin of the word ‘anthology.’ said Ciara “C.C.” Barrick ’15, who will be going to the Republic of Cyprus on a Fulbright award later this year. “‘Anthos’ in Greek translates to ‘flower,’ and ‘ology’ is a collection of something. So the meaning of ‘anthology’ is a ‘collection of flowers.’ It’s kind of tender,” said Barrick, exuding a passion for language.

When Barrick wasn’t accepted into an honors-level Spanish class her freshman year of high school, she was determined to challenge herself, so she signed up for Latin to meet the language requirement. It was then that she began to take private lessons in Ancient Greek with her Latin teacher after school. At Stockton, she continued pursuing Greek studies, earning an Ancient Greek minor in addition to her B.A. in Literature this spring.

In a few months, she will be traveling to the island country in the eastern Mediterranean where Greek and Turkish are both official languages. Barrick will work in the English Department at European University Cyprus from September through May, teaching English Foreign Language (EFL) students and working as a cultural ambassador to enhance relations between Cyprus and the United States. The work is made possible through a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellowship, one of the academic world’s most prestigious student awards.CCBarrickGradCap Continue reading “Ciara “C.C.” Barrick Uses Stockton Education as Springboard to Fulbright Fellowship in Cyprus” »

Paul Campos Works to Make a Brighter Future for Atlantic City Youth

Before entering the Stanley Holmes Village Community Center in Atlantic City, Paul Campos takes a deep breath in anticipation of the enthusiasm that will surround him the second he opens the door.

“I know that I’m about to do something special,” he said.

The Social Work major, who graduated from Stockton University on May 9, is the lead facilitator of a homework completion program at Stanley Holmes, an initiative of the Stockton Center for Community Engagement and the Atlantic City Police Department and Housing Authority.

About 40 students in the afterschool program greet him with hugs and hellos, filling the room with a sense of comfort and excitement. So much so, that Campos knows he must prepare himself for the level of energy.

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Survivor Amber Christos Credits Education for Motivation to Succeed

“I heard the screeching tires and the sound of the crash as we made impact with the pole,” she remembers. “In that moment, I was not Amber anymore. I was a completely different person.”

Amber Christos, a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Childhood Studies, sat on a bench under the sun in Independence Plaza, wearing sunglasses and a colorful spring shirt. She appeared to be an average soon-to-be college graduate; she is well-spoken, intelligent and animated. But it took years for Christos to learn how to read, write and perform simple math again.

She made little eye contact as she spoke about the night that changed her life, clearly reliving the scene in her mind. “It was a few months after our high school graduation [in 2011],” she began…

The car pierced through the rain en route to a church youth group function. Christos rode as passenger when she saw the red light out of the corner of her eye.

The driver, Christos’ friend for more than a decade, had been texting and driving. Instead of hitting the brake, she pressed the gas pedal and blazed through the intersection. The oncoming car struck the passenger side where Christos sat, forcing the girls’ red vehicle into a telephone pole. Life as Amber Christos knew it came to a halt.

Amber Christos

Amber Christos

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