Frank Malatino Supercharges His Skillset with Chemistry and Physics to Give Back to Society

Frank Malatino, a senior Applied Physics major, sat behind a maze of multicolored wires intertwined with resisters and transistors in the Physics lab. He meticulously constructed the labyrinth of electrical elements, known as a circuit in the Physics world, by hand.

Malatino, of Ship Bottom, is studying circuits with Dr. Jason Shulman, assistant professor of Physics, because they can represent complex networks such as an intersection of roadways, a section of DNA, or a brain.

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Deanna Jackson, Carrying on a Legacy of Community Outreach and Activism

“If you were to ask a friend of mine to find someone who smiles more than me, they would find it difficult. But I see that as my job – to challenge others to smile brighter, to be happier, and to be joyful. That smile arises from my ability to help others achieve open-mindedness and be positive enough to recognize their potential, capabilities, and passion.”

These are the words of Deanna Jackson of Ewing, NJ, a sophomore at Stockton University who has a passion for helping others. During her brief time at the University, Jackson has discovered her desire to facilitate social change. She has done this by facilitating acceptance, equality, and self-empowerment both at Stockton and in her community.

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Marine Science Major Apryle Panyi is Hooked on Worms

Apryle Panyi grew up baiting everyone else’s fishing hooks, so when she dug through the squishy, nutrient-rich mud of a tidal flat to unearth worms and other invertebrates during a field trip with Dr. Richard Hager, associate professor of Marine Science, she felt at home.

“I was hooked. Plain and simple,” said Panyi, a senior Marine Science major with a concentration in Marine Biology and a minor in Geology. Not on fishing, but on the worms.

“It was never the fish that grabbed my attention,” said Panyi, of Mount Ephraim, NJ, recalling her childhood. “I was intrigued by the different worms we would use as bait.”

“I used to go around baiting everyone else’s hooks on the docks because I loved touching the worms,” she recalled.

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