Katherine Givens, Awarded Distinguished Fellowship for Legitimizing the Historical Value of Romance Novels

Katherine Givens, of Cape May, NJ, is a senior History major entering her final semester at Stockton. Throughout her college career, Givens has applied her major to her love of literature. Her passion provided the opportunity to receive a Distinguished Fellowship Award from the Board of Trustees.

Givens was awarded the fellowship for her project, “The Value of Historical Accuracy in Creative Writing: Grounding a Historical Romance Novel in Primary Source Research.” She explains how “[her mission] is to give a voice to a genre often criticized and undervalued. [Her fellowship gives her] a chance to prove intellectual legitimacy can be found within the pages of a romance novel.” Receiving a fellowship for this project was not easy, as the romance genre is often thought of as fluff, lacking historical accuracy, and nothing more than a simple escape.

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Drew Barkoff’s Study of Geology Takes Him Around the World

Inside the Geology Lab, Drew Barkoff stands over a revolving blade that chisels a chunky, baseball-sized rock in half. A light cloud of powder dusts his sweatshirt during the process.

The senior Geology major needs to see the crystals locked inside the pegmatite samples he collected in Oxford County, Maine in August 2013 during a five-day research field experience with Dr. Matthew “Rocky” Severs.

Pegmatites are igneous rocks composed of large crystals. They are often storehouses of industrial and gem-type minerals and are sometimes enriched in rare Earth elements, which are used in solar panels, touch screens and modern technology.

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