Artist Mae Kellert Explores Her Connections to Sculpture Through Award-Winning Memoir Essay

Megan “Mae” Kellert’s clothes were powdered in plaster dust, her splinters swabbed in Neosporin and covered with bandages when she walked out of the Arts and Sciences Building after long days in the art studio. Swinging at her side was a bucket filled to the brim with loose chunks of clay and sculpting tools.

Her award-winning memoir essay “was inspired by [that] bucket—really,” she said. “It’s one of those gigantic orange buckets from Home Depot that scream ‘let’s do this’ and it’s currently home to my sculpting supplies,” she said.

Her essay “Concreteness” was awarded 1st place in the 5th Annual Jennifer Cakert Writing Awards in the upperclassman creative nonfiction division.

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