Mico Lucide Encourages All Students to Get Engaged

“We grew up in a society that told us we were naïve,” said Mico Lucide, a senior Political Science major with a concentration in Pre-Law.

A way to conquer inexperience is to become engaged. “If I don’t, who will,” is the tagline of the Coalition for Civic Engagement (CCE), a club that Lucide coordinates and co-founded with Michael Benjamin Peoples. The tagline “is something I try to live by,” added the South Jersey native who currently resides in Galloway.

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Alyson Stevens Gets a Head Start Through Washington Internship Program

Alyson Stevens, who just graduated in December, finished her Stockton undergraduate career interning as a Public Policy Associate at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in Washington, D.C.

“While living and working in D.C., I have developed new academic and professional skills to achieve my career aspirations,” said Alyson, who was the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship from the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton.

She is one of over 1,000 Stockton students who have completed para-professional internships in Washington, D.C. since the 1970s, more than from any other college. Stockton is affiliated with the nation’s largest internship organization, The Washington Center (TWC) for Internships and Academic Seminars.

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Magdalena Kernan Uses Her Camera to Help the Homeless

It wasn’t Louise Vuitton, Armani or any of the high-end fashion boutiques in Milan, Italy that caught Magdalena “Magi” Kernan’s eye. It was the homeless man sitting on the sidewalk outside the bustling storefronts that grabbed her attention.

The senior Political Science major, who was half way around the world from her hometown of Ocean City, pulled out her camera to document the man who seemed invisible to many of the passersby. Unbeknownst to her, that would become her first of many more pictures of the homeless.


Photo by Magdalena Kernan.

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Katie Jaeckel Solidifies Her Passion for Geology at Stockton

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students features students who have received a Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. Katie Jaeckel is one of seven who received a fellowship this past fall.

Katie Jaeckel trekked through southwestern Utah to the nation’s second-largest iron deposit, known as the Iron Springs District, with the Stockton Geology Club last spring. She collected a dozen rock samples by hand—some larger than others.

“Dan carried a 50-pound mass of apatite and magnetite up and down hills to the van,” said Jaeckel, who visited the site on the Geology Club’s annual field trip to the western United States this past May. Her boyfriend, Dan Hemmerlin, and the entire club pitched in to help her gather samples.

A Fellowship for Distinguished Students will allow Jaeckel, of Bass River, to study the rocks she gathered to determine how the iron deposit formed. “Despite the large size and important economic value, it is still unclear as to how [the deposit] formed. This study will likely aid in determining where other economically viable iron deposits might form,” she said.

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Jared Bland Couples Math and Science to Explore Geodesics

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students features students who have received a Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students, among others. Jared Bland is one of seven who received a fellowship this fall.

Jared Bland, a third-year student from Somers Point, received a $1,000 Board of Trustees Distinguished Fellowship Award for a research project, “Relating Geodesics and Classical Mechanics through Variational Principles.”

A geodesic is the shortest-distance path between two points on a surface, including curved ones, Jared explained. They come into play with everything from billiards, cartography and classical mechanics, he said in his application for the fellowship.  In two-dimensional surfaces and in more complicated geometries, geodesics play an extremely important role both in mathematics and physics, he said.

Jared Bland
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Kendal Nicole Lambert Pursues PR to Promote Healthy Living

She already has the name of her public relations firm picked out: KNL, Inc.

Kendal Nicole Lambert sees herself running a NYC-based national public relations agency for health and fitness companies. The name stands for her initials, of course.

The freshman from Linden, in Union County, is majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter at Stockton and will serve on the executive board next fall.

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Jillena Yeager to Study Wood Frogs on Stockton’s Campus This Winter

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students features students who have received a Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students, among others. Jillena Yeager is one of seven who received a fellowship this fall.

Most students flock to the Library with umbrellas in hand or stay in their dorm rooms on wet winter afternoons, but this semester, Jillena Yeager will head outdoors after each rainfall and twice daily to conduct her research.

The junior Environmental Science major is studying the campus’s wood frog population during the species’ breeding season in mid to late February. “The wood frog is one of the many amphibians that breed in temporary ponds where fish are absent. At Stockton, there are at least 22 of these temporary ponds, called vernal ponds,” she explained. A pond called ‘S’ is where she will focus her study.

Yeager, of Hillsborough, will work with her advisor, Dr. Jamie Cromartie, associate professor of Entomology. “I knew Jillena was someone out of the ordinary during our nighttime frog hunt last March, when she brought me a big water beetle she had caught barehanded,” said Cromartie about the aspiring herpetologist.

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