Ciara Barrick to Bring Two Modernist Poets’ Work to Life

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students features students who have received a Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students, among others. Ciara Barrick is one of seven who received a fellowship this fall.

Ciara Barrick, a junior Literature major, was recently awarded a $1,000 Board of Trustees Distinguished Fellowship Award for a project titled, “Marianne Moore and William Carlos Williams Performance.” Barrick’s project aims to stimulate interest in the arts in South Jersey and the Stockton community and help promote the Literature and Theatre Programs at Stockton.

“The ‘Marianne Moore and Williams Carlos Williams Performance Project’ is designed so that I will be able to bring my research on two very influential Modernist poets to the campus and surrounding community,” Barrick said.

Both poets have been called elusive, cryptic and sometimes inaccessible. Barrick will create a performance based on the two poets’ correspondence in hopes of making these writers more approachable. “The reading of their poetry by actors in the Theatre Program will help to bring life and explanation to the poets’ work,” she said.

Ciara C. Barrick Photo

Photo by Megan Faulkner

Author Linda Leavell recently published a comprehensive biography titled “Holding On Upside Down: The Life and Work of Marianne Moore.” Barrick spoke with Leavell last month at an event at the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia.

“The biography is truly enlightening and synthesizes the archive in ways previously unachieved. Linda Leavell’s knowledge of Marianne Moore is widespread and her book has been an excellent source of information; both pertaining to historical fact and character study. Her book, coupled with Charles Molesworth’s biography and the work of Grace Schulman and other Moore scholars, has been incredibly helpful in working to depict Moore in all her essence,” Barrick said.

At Stockton, Barrick is a writing tutor in the Tutoring Center.

She said she appreciates the guidance she has received from Stockton faculty. “I have had a number of influential professors during my time at Stockton. David Roessel, Lisa Honaker, Deborah Gussman, and Kate Ogden stand out among the many wonderful people I’ve worked with. Also, last but certainly not least, Pam Cross, who runs the Tutoring Center. She has created an extremely positive environment which fosters both academic success and long-lasting relationships,” she said.

Barrick, originally from Ocean City, NJ, will receive a B.A. in Literature and a Greek minor upon graduating. She hopes to teach English abroad and attend graduate school in the future. She enjoys reading and working at her local café in her spare time.