Student Senate President Encourages All Students to Share Ideas

Maribeth Capelli’s goal as president of the Student Senate is “to encourage students to find their own ways to improve Stockton.”

“I want students to feel comfortable walking into a director’s office and asking questions or suggesting ideas,” Capelli said. “Many students have amazing ideas on how to improve Stockton and just don’t know who to talk to about it.”

Maribeth Capelli

To realize that goal, she helped organize the Student Senate’s first-ever “Let’s Talk About…Stockton!” event, where students made suggestions and asked questions of representatives of all schools and departments in a casual round-table setting.

“It is a starting place for student ideas to take off,” Maribeth said, crediting Carl Archut, the Student Welfare Committee chair who emceed the event, with the idea.

Maribeth, who will be graduating in May with a B.A. in Psychology and a concentration in Forensic Psychology, said she has lived in Hammonton her entire life.

“I am so happy that Stockton has decided to place a satellite campus there,” she said, “and I have been helping to increase programming at Kramer Hall so students can have a chance to see Hammonton’s beautiful downtown area and consider taking classes.”

Capelli planned an event at Kramer Hall called “Discover The World of Education” last summer as part of the Third Thursday events downtown in Hammonton each month. She also arranged for a free shuttle from Stockton to Hammonton and back for the Stockton community to utilize.

She was the president of the Criminal Justice Society last year, and organized trips to places such as the Burlington County Morgue, Eastern State Penitentiary, Regional Operations Intelligence Center, and the State Police Museum. She is also the Public Relations co-chair on the Stockton Debate Team and participated in a debate competition at Princeton.

She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD), an honors club, and PsiChi, an honors psychology organization.

“My off-campus activities are mostly art-related projects,” Capelli said. “I just started working with stained glass and have completed a handful of projects. I also like to dance and was a part of Hammonton’s Paul Morris Dancexplosion senior company for three years.”

As to the future, Capelli wants to become a correctional psychologist and reevaluate and create rehabilitation and reintegration programs for inmates. She also plans to go to graduate school for a doctorate.

“My motivation to work hard and reach for high goals mostly stems from seeing students before me,” Capelli said. “I unconsciously try to follow in the footsteps of others who have achieved success at Stockton and hope that I am also setting the example for students after me.”