Student Senate President Encourages All Students to Share Ideas

Maribeth Capelli’s goal as president of the Student Senate is “to encourage students to find their own ways to improve Stockton.”

“I want students to feel comfortable walking into a director’s office and asking questions or suggesting ideas,” Capelli said. “Many students have amazing ideas on how to improve Stockton and just don’t know who to talk to about it.”

Maribeth Capelli
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Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez Hopes to Makes a Difference Through Service and Campus Involvement

Irvin O. Moreno-Rodriguez is spread pretty thin: He’s president of two student organizations, active in a community organization, working toward a dual-degree in Criminal Justice and has been on the dean’s list since his freshman year.

He volunteers at The Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center, too, and credits director Gail Rosenthal with making him choose Stockton over other schools that were interested in him.

Irvin, a junior from Ventnor who is minoring in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, said, “Gail brought me here and said, ‘The opportunities here are amazing’ – and I fell in love.”

Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez

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Distinguished Fellow Analyzes Abstract Math

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students will feature students who receive the Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. This is the last of five posts on the students who received those fellowships this past spring/summer.

“I really love math and learning new things about math,” said Wayne Laffitte, a senior double major in Mathematics and Computer Science.

He’s particularly drawn to the mysteries of abstract algebra, and through the Fellowships for Distinguished Students program, he is studying conjugacy in Thompson groups.


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Student Writers Awarded Mimi Schwartz Nonfiction Awards

Eric Halbruner of Cape May, a senior majoring in Literature, and Jasmine Beatty, a May graduate from Vineland who’s awaiting placement in the Peace Corps, recently won the 2013 Mimi Schwartz Creative Nonfiction Awards at Stockton.

The writing awards are named for Stockton Professor Emerita Mimi Schwartz, who is the author of 10 books, including the prize-winning, “Good Neighbors, Bad Times, Echoes of My Father’s German Village.”

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