Desiree’ Harris Continues Stockton Tradition in Her Family

Desiree’ Harris, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, is pursuing a career in law enforcement and is carrying on a family tradition as the third generation to attend Stockton College.

A handful of her family members are Stockton graduates with her grandmother being the first to attend Stockton College—which was Harris’s first choice school based on its Criminal Justice program.


Harris’ concentration is in forensic science. Since childhood she has always been intrigued by crime scene investigation television shows and she was drawn to the science happening behind-the-scenes.

“Science helps us analyze the evidence materials. There is so much that goes into it that is hard to see with the eye,” she explained.

Harris is secretary of Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence & Success (M.A.L.E.S.) and the Caribbean Students Association, a member of the To Be a HERO club and a member of President Herman Saatkamp’s Diversity committee.

“MA.L.E.S. teaches leadership roles and builds leaders—we need them,” she explained.

“Being on the Diversity Committee is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It makes me feel like I’m doing something for the Stockton community,” she said.

After graduation, Harris wants to enter law enforcement so she can begin to climb the ranks and attend a police academy. Her mother, who became a police officer after graduating from Stockton, has influenced her career path.

Harris is particularly interested in helping families cope with difficult news. “I want to be on the scene to help give families closure,” she explained.