Dance Sets the Stockton Community in Motion

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students will feature students who receive the Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. This is the fourth of five posts on the students who received those fellowships this past spring/summer.

Dancers of all ages and abilities from Stockton and the community took lessons and danced alongside professionals during LehrerDance’s two-week residency at Stockton. Through a Fellowship for Distinguished Students, Geanna DiMauro worked closely with Rain Ross, assistant professor of Dance, to help bring the LehrerDance Company to campus.

“The purpose of this project was to get more involvement in the dance program from the Stockton community,” said DiMauro, a senior Dance Arts Administration major from Galloway.


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Kara Teehan Develops Mathematical Theorem on Knight’s Tour

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students will feature students who receive the Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. This is the third of five posts on the students who received those fellowships this past spring/summer.

Kara Teehan has two more years left before she graduates with a Mathematics degree, but she’s already developed a theorem with her professor—a mathematical feat that many do not accomplish in a lifetime.

Teehan, a native of Middletown in Monmouth County, worked with Dr. Bradley Forrest, an assistant professor of Mathematics, through the Fellowships for Distinguished Students program to explore the knight’s tour problem on cylindrical chessboards. “A knight’s tour is a sequence of moves that a knight can make on a chessboard so that the knight visits each square exactly one time, and a closed tour requires that the knight return to the same square it started from,” Teehan explained.


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Briaira Geiger Studies Diabetes through Harvard Research Program

Briaira Geiger, a senior Chemistry major, was one of 10 students in the country accepted into the Harvard Catalyst’s Summer Clinical and Translational Research Program this summer. The undergraduate program gave her the opportunity to spend 10 weeks researching diabetes with experts at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

A native of Chesilhurst in Camden County, Geiger worked with Dr. George L. King, director of research at the Joslin Diabetes Center, and Dr. Sonia L. Hernandez, a researcher at Columbia University, on the 50-year Medalist Study, which is looking at how patients who have lived with Type I Diabetes Mellitus for 50 years or more have overcome the disease.

Briaira Geiger

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Stockton Students Volunteer Time to Set Up Computer Lab in Philadelphia Elementary School

Stephanie Medvetz and Mathew Moran, students in Dr. Joseph Trout’s Scientific Inquiry course, went above and beyond recently to help set up a computer lab in a Philadelphia elementary school.

The whole class has adopted St. Francis Xavier, a preK-8th grade school in the Fairmount section, as a Service-Learning project. Students are providing computer aid and research to help the school get grants and much of the work is done remotely.


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Two Students Serve on Stockton’s Board of Trustees

When the Stockton College Board of Trustees convenes, two voices speak on behalf of the 8,500-member student body. Michael “Ben” Peoples, a Political Science major, and Kiyle Osgood, a Business Finance major, serve as student trustee and student trustee alternate, respectively.

Student trustees are liaisons between the student body and the Board of Trustees. Peoples, who has served one year, has another year left in his term. Osgood was sworn in at the September meeting by Curtis J. Bashaw, chair of the Board, and will serve as a non-voting member his first year, then as a voting member in his second year.


Michael “Ben” Peoples and Kiyle Osgood

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Carl Archut Jr. Helps Organize the Student Senate’s Biggest Event Yet

Carl Archut Jr., chair of the Student Senate’s Student Welfare Committee, was a driving force behind the Student Senate’s biggest event yet, “Let’s Talk About…Stockton!”

Approximately 200 students attended the Oct. 17 event, along with faculty, staff and administration for every school and department.  Archut said the round-table “mixer” was conceived as “a less intimidating environment, so that students could freely voice their questions, comments and concerns to the faculty, staff and administration.” He said the Student Welfare Committee would like to have this event occur every semester, “so that we can continue to be proactive and bring positive change on campus.”

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NORAD Recognizes Instructional Technology Student for Best Practice in Responding to National Security Threats

Senior Master Sergeant William Perkins, a superintendent of the 177th Fighter Wing Command Post based at Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, applied his instructional design skills learned through Stockton’s Master of Arts in Instructional Technology (MAIT) program to enhance his work for the United States Air Force.

Perkins developed a concept map detailing the steps administrators should take when responding to a national security threat. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) recently inspected his ability to facilitate the Aerospace Control Alert (ACA) mission, which is the rapid response against airborne attack.


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Desiree’ Harris Continues Stockton Tradition in Her Family

Desiree’ Harris, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, is pursuing a career in law enforcement and is carrying on a family tradition as the third generation to attend Stockton College.

A handful of her family members are Stockton graduates with her grandmother being the first to attend Stockton College—which was Harris’s first choice school based on its Criminal Justice program.

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Winners of Fellowships for Distinguished Students Study Traditional Chinese Medicine

Editor’s Note: Distinctive Stockton Students will feature students who receive the Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. This is the second of five posts on the students who received those fellowships this past spring/summer.

Breanna Hudik and Julia Miliaresis, Nursing majors who are minoring in Holistic Health, studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at a Beijing hospital this summer.

Each was awarded a Fellowship for Distinguished Students by the college’s Board of Trustees, which helped fund their trip. Dr. Mary Lou Galantino, professor of Physical Therapy at Stockton, was their faculty advisor in the trip, part of a collaboration between Stockton and the University of Pennsylvania.

china 2

Breanna Hudik, left, and Julia Miliaresis visit the Summer Palace in Beijing while there this summer on Stockton Distinguished Student Fellowships.

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Beekeeper Helps Make Honey the Latest Buzz on Campus

As bee populations decline around the world, Stockton’s campus has become a safe haven to thousands of honeybees thanks to the perseverance of Kelsey Watkins, a Biology graduate now in her second year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Bees are in danger, but “there is so much you can do to help,” she said.

This spring marked the second year of the Stockton honeybees’ residency on campus. In return for their stay, they produced 90 jars of honey, harvested this summer. “It’s something to show for the bees’ hard work,” Watkins said.

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