Summary & Notes for 2011

This bronze copper, photo’d at Mannington Marsh on July 2, 2011 by Dave Amadio, was one of the ninety-three species recorded in NJ’s southern eight counties in 2011 by our one hundred+ participating observers.

South Jersey Butterflyers & interested others,

Click on the link at the bottom of this page for a summary of all reports for 2011, our fourth year of logging.

The table is in pdf format so it will load quickly. Hit the plus sign to enlarge for easier viewing.

The table is sorted in taxonomic order (using the NABA codes) and by date.

Report = a line entry on our log of one or more adult butterflies. (In other words, one observer’s entry noting three sachems in the garden on one date = a single report.)

The number of reports has been given its own column because it seems a more accurate way of assessing seasonality and abundance (and year-to-year variations) than the number of individuals tallied (e.g. three sachems in the example above). Counting/estimating individuals involves more subjectivity on the part of observers than noting the presence of a species. Also, occasional large clusters of butterflies — and even small, active groups — can be difficult to census. The total number of individuals tallied is reported in the notes column for almost all species, generally as part of the comment, for readers interested in those data.

Most other comments in the notes column are intended to highlight abundance and/or seasonality — and possible patterns we can look for in future observations. Corrections or alternate interpretations would be very much welcome as would other corrections, suggestions, or additions to this report.

I’d be happy to send an Excel copy of this table to anyone interested. Email me: nacotejackATgmailDOTcom.

Thanks to all who contributed data in 2011! We had more than one hundred named participants: Cindy Ahern, Cynthia Allen, Wendy Allen, Rebecca Almond, Dave Amadio, Pat Amadio Steve Bauer, Denise Bittle, Lynne Breslow, Marc Breslow, Joanna Burger, Allen Bush, Connie Campanella, Catherine Busch, Rich Cech, Jesse Connor, Jack Connor, Ellen Creveling, Megan Crewe, Mike Crewe, Glen Davis, April Dinwiddle, Rea Doherty, Jim Dowdell, Alana Edwards, Vince Elia, Barbara Farnsworth, Mike Flemming, Kathy Flynn, Amy Gaberlein, Sam Galick, Mark Garland, Jon Gelhaus, Doug Gochfeld, Michael Gochfeld, Barbara Golla, Rebecca Gracey, Ashley Green, Jean Gutsmuth, Chris Hajduk, Chris Herz, Bert Hixon, Kathy Horn, Roger Horn, Brian Johnson, Karen Johnson, Sandra Keller, Will Kerling, Chris Kisiel, Teresa Kniper, Chip Krilowicz, Kathleen Lapergola, John Lawrence, Tony Leukering, Karl Lukens, Angele Marzi, Stephen Mason, Katie Montagnaro, John Morey, Patti Murray, Damon Noe, Michael O’Brien, Emelia Oleson, Keith Parker, Don Parlee, Fred Pfeifer, Michael Pollock, Patti Reed, Tom Reed, Eric Reuter, Lauren Richard, Melissa Roach, Bret Roberts, Steve Rodan, Patty Rourke, Mike Russell,Bill Schuhl, Edie Schuhl, Dale Schweitzer, Lee Schwinne, Barb Sendelbach, Lloyd Shaw, Raymond Simpson, Jim Springer, Pat Sutton, Clay Sutton, Harvey Tomlinson, Chris Tonkinson, Guy Tudor, Jessica Wainwright, Shawn Wainwright, Sharon Wander, Wade Wander, Billy Weber, George Weymouth, Susan Wheeler, Steve Whitford, Scott Whittle, Paula Williams, Chris Williams, David Wright, and Louise Zemaitis.

Please keep exploring and recording, everyone! Our log gets more valuable every year.

Jack Connor

Summary & Notes for 2011

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