Can you name either of these butterflies?

An anglewing, sp. photo’d by Harvey Tomlinson in the Great Swamp (Morris Co) on 4-21-12

Harvey Tomlinson has sent along the photo above as an unsolved puzzle: Is it a comma or a question mark? He points out that the bright punctuation crescent on the HW underside looks like it belongs on a comma, but the series of three spots leading to the “dash” across the FW look like it belongs on a question mark. The FW series is visible on both the left wing and the right wing (looking through the wing).

So, what is the species?

The butterfly seems to be ovipositing, so bonus points for anyone who can identify those newly-emerging leaves.

And how about the extremely well-worn flyer below? Have an opinion about what that seems to be? Will Kerling has named the species, but let’s keep it a secret until people have a chance to study the photo themselves and post their thoughts.

If you can ID either of these butterflies (or the plant), post a note in the Comment space below to tell us your logic.

What’s the winner’s prize, you ask?

How about more photo puzzles just like these?


A hard-to-ID lycaenid, photo’d by Will Kerling in Cape May Courthouse, 4-22-12

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1 Response to Can you name either of these butterflies?

  1. Harvey Tomlinson says:

    The fact Will could ID this is awesome. At first blush I thought a Copper, but wondered if the antenna were to long. The only other choice I had was Tawny Emperor, but that seems early.
    Ok I give?

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