Homework for April 9

Please read chapter 13 in Tufte on “Cohesion.” Process what she is trying to explain, then write a 5 to 7 sentence paragraph that demonstrates cohesion in your writing. Make your example interesting. Be prepared to discuss the decisions you made when writing and revising this piece. Computer printed please.

No class on March 21

Remember that our class is cancelled for Thursday, March 21st. Below are the assignments:

Homework assignment due Thursday, March 28th

• READ Partridge Chapters 9-12
• Finish up “Spaces Between Words”
• Read examples from Tufte on “Sentence Openers and Inversion”

• Craft 15 sentences, three for each section below: Conjunctions, Omission of Conjunctions, Items in a Series, the Correlatives, Coordination. Bring these to class, typed. These should be sentences of your own devising, preferably with a coherent storyline, that play with the issues described by Tufte in her chapter on “Conjunctions and Coordination”

In a Station of the Metro

. . . as it originally appeared at its first publication in Poetry, April 1913.

In a Station of the Metro

The apparition     of these faces     in the crowd   :
Petals     on a wet, black     bough   .