Kitchens and Domesticity: Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for Raina DeFonza’s project, “Kitchens and Domesticity.”

Note: This project is a work in progress. Some of the pages are still in the process of being completed.

An Overview of Feminism

About American Feminism

First-wave Feminism

Second-wave Feminism

About Postcolonial Feminism

On the Importance of Kitchens and Domesticity to Feminism

Why Kitchens and Domesticity?

Knowledge and Traditions of Foodstuffs

Economic Empowerment

Kitchens and Postcolonial Feminism

Analysis of Postcolonial Feminism and Kitchens

Postcolonial Feminism and Purple Hibiscus

Reading Purple Hibiscus

Domesticity and Purple Hibiscus

Violence and Silence in the Home in Purple Hibiscus

Aunty Ifeoma and Aunt Beatrice in Purple Hibiscus: Diverging     Paradigms of Postcolonial Feminism

American Feminism

Kitchens and American Feminism

Technology and Empowerment

Reclaiming the Kitchenspace

American Feminism and Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia: a feminist reading

The Kitchenspace in the Julie/Julia Project

Blogging: Technology and Domesticity in the Julie/Julia Project

The Film

Works Cited

Further Resources

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  1. […] I brought Stock­ton under­grad­u­ate stu­dent Raina DeFonza to present her research on “Kitchens and Domes­tic­ity” at the Con­fer­ence on Under­grad­u­ate Research hosted by the Col­lege of William and […]

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