American Feminism

By Raina DeFonza

Feminism in the United States has transformed over the past 200 years, beginning with the suffrage movement and taking us to the present day contemporary Women’s Movement. In America, the primary goal of feminists has been to gain equality with men. Women have fought for the rights make their own decisions and to be seen as equal citizens, complete with the rights to vote, own property, work outside the home and have control over their own bodies. As time went on, U.S. women became concerned with not only the women in their own country but women on a global scale. Today, contemporary feminists are navigating a world in which they seek equality for all women across the globe, yet are often facing resistance from those they seek to help.

Undoubtedly, the issues U.S. women have been concerned with over the years has changed and evolved, yet the basis for the U.S. Women’s movement has continuously been a fight for equality. Below are links to pages about the three waves of American feminism. On these pages you can find more information about the debates and issues in each movement, important players and critics, and links to external sources.

First-wave Feminism

Second-wave Feminism

Contemporary Feminism

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