Raina DeFonza and Stephanie Cawley Present: Digitizing Postcolonial Feminism


This talk features two works that have come out of The Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project (wp.stockton.edu/postcolonialstudies), a digital resource overseen by Dr. Adeline Koh: Kitchens and Domesticity, by Raina DeFonza, and Hybridity and Comics, by Stephanie Cawley. Kitchens and Domesticity is a comparative study of how kitchens function in the Nigerian novel Purple Hibiscus and the Julie/Julia blog/film. Hybridity and Comics examines the postcolonial concept of hybridity through an innovative reading of two graphic novels: Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. The Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project is now listed in the MLA Catalogue of Scholarly Websites. In this presentation, Raina and Stephanie talk about their research findings, and the difference in producing research for a digital versus print medium. The talk took place in October, 2011 at Richard Stockton College, and was part of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Conversations and ARHU Presents Series.

The Prezi presentations for both Raina and Stephanie are below:

Raina’s Prezi:


Stephanie’s Prezi:

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