Grapes from the New World


Fox Grapes

Fox Grapes

Northern Fox Grape

Northern Fox GrapesMuscadine GrapesGrapes are believe to have been found South of the Caspian Seas    (Picture is of Muscadine Grapes)


  • Europeans brought grapes with them to Americas
  • Colonists ate wild grapes but did not cultivate them yet
  • 1655, the Dutch brought grapes to Cape of Good Hope spread throughout Africa
  • Found by the Vikings on east seaboard before Christopher Columbus was vitis rotundifolia,or  Northern fox grape , which was introduced in 1850s
  • Other uses was for jellies,  pies and juice, raisins and as a snack
  • Grapes eventually had another purpose wine
  • New Mexico started planting them in early 17th century
  •  1769 by Spanish Franciscan Friars, produced first cultivated grapes in California
  • Purpose was for wine for missionaries
  • Grapes in the new world were not fit to be made to wine
  • Another species is Muscadine grapes, found in the southeastern region of North America.
  • 1850s cultivation of  Fox Grape
  • The first table grape vineyard in California was developed by William Wolfskill, an early settler in the Los Angeles area in the 1700s

Overall the grapes had a profound effect within the diets of those who never ate grapes or only wild grapes. The discovery that wine could be made from grapes caused economic contribution to colonists and Europeans and is still a big part of society today. Without wine or grapes, there would be no existing financial business regarding vineyards or personal use and distribution of wine.

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