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Google Apps Enhances Classrooms


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Google Apps is the most commonly used software application in classrooms today. Google Apps is literally changing the classroom dynamic. From flash cards, book clubs, writing papers, sharing articles, class notes, to brainstorming charts and the like, Google Apps is a great asset to enhance learning in classrooms from preschool through high school education and beyond.

Specifically, Google Draw is one of the most fun and engaging applications for students to enjoy using their artistic skills while actually learning.  At the same time, educators can use Google Draw to design posters for their classrooms.  Google Draw contains some important attributes for educators to know about this service as better leverage for educational purposes.  Using Google Draw, an educator can easily create, share and edit drawings online. On the student side, Google Draw is used in many Visual Arts classrooms as their primary tool.  As an example, I have included a YouTube video of Mr. Owen McDermott, an educator of Visual Arts, demonstrating the students utilizing Google Draw for their project in his classroom.  Mr. McDermott stated that the students were extremely interested in participating utilizing this particular Google App.  Their assignment was to create a poster/visual art displaying the character traits of “Honesty”.  The finished posters by the students were outstanding and amazing as you will see from the video. I think you will find the video interesting and uplifting:


I have also included a lesson plan from a Teacher’s Guide (Kindergarten – Grade 2), actually showing how they use Google Draw to help create the lesson plan for their classroom.


In this specific lesson plan, you will notice that the Educator included 2 unique lesson plans that integrate Doodle 4 Google into the classroom as well as information about an upcoming art contest and submission process to share with parents.  Google Draw’s possibilities are endless and have enhanced learning abilities in the classroom tremendously.

Google Apps is a centralized platform of creation and collaboration which makes group projects and feedback from Educators a lot more simpler.  The application can also help with parent-teacher communication, making it easier for parents to be kept informed on their child’s progress in school.  This tool is common to the digital learning ecology, but not necessarily common to all individuals.  My suspicion is, that Google Apps will become the forefront of education electronic learning for decades to come.





Using Google Draw in Visual Arts Class in classroom with students



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