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Utilizing Social Media on the Job Can Get You Fired

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Even though advanced technology is part of the every day business cycle, more employees are taken advantage or so called breaks from their job responsibilities to check their social media forums (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  In an article, “How using social media can get you fired“, published by Stacy Rapacon, special correspondent to CNBC.com, the article stated that “28 percent of employers have reported that they have fired people for using the Internet for non-work related activity (such as shopping online or checking out Facebook, for example) during the workday and 18 percent have dismissed employees because of something they posted on social media according to CareerBuilder.”

Most businesses provide clear policies and guidelines to their employees regarding the use of social media on the job.  However, with that being said, a majority of corporations might review social media accounts of a potential employee as part of the required background check prior to hiring them.  Also, if you are employed to work in business and/or major corporation and post a message, photo, opinion, etc. on your personal social media forum that would be considered adversarial, disrespectful or controversial to the corporation’s reputation, this can be grounds for probation, dismissal and/or termination.

On a positive note, about 78 percent of the Millennial population said that using the technology they like actually makes them more productive at work.  The key is to remember that when you are hired to perform certain “job responsibilities”, this is your first priority.  You can certainly check your Facebook or Twitter account during a lunch break.

I hope this information will make you aware of the habits that should be avoided in order to maintain consistent employment.



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