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Using Padlet in the Classroom

So what is Padlet?

Padlet is a free website where anyone can create an online bulletin board. These bulletin boards can display any sort of information that the user wants so the sky is really the limit! You can insert ideas anonymously or with your name attached. Padlet allows you to add text, images, links, and videos so being creative is super easy, fun, and allows for so much freedom so that the user can essentially design whatever they want. Below I have included a video that breaks down how wonderfully simplistic and user friendly Padlet truly is!


How can Padlet be used in the classroom?

The best thing about Padlet is that it is a collaborative learning space meaning that multiple users can contribute and work on a specific project at the same time. Padlet would both be useful as a teacher and for students working together in groups. As a teacher I could make my own Padlet boards to stay organized and save different ideas or photos for lesson plan inspiration this way everything is all in one place. Another way a teacher could utilize Padlet would be to layout resources or links to assignments for students. Below is an example of a teacher who used Padlet to provide her students with a curriculum on Roald Dahl that was easily accessible and visually pleasing. 



For students Padlet is a great classroom tool because it promotes group work and collaborating with one another not just inside of the classroom but they can also take it home and work on an assignment from anywhere they are. Learning to work well with others is a vital life skill that students should learn from a very young age because as humans we are stronger when we work together. Padlet fosters a space for sharing ideas with others and allows for multiple users to be working on the exact same project but on multiple different devices. This lets students learn and grow from one another by promoting team work amongst them and their peers. If students are using Padlet for a group project this tool would hold each group member accountable and allow everyone to contribute equally while still keeping the board organized. 

Below is a wonderful video demonstrating how Padlet can be used in a classroom.


As a teacher you could even have a Padlet board and ask the entire class to contribute to it. This eliminates the messy stack of thirty pieces of notebook paper and students handing in physical copies. Instead, everyones responses to a question are all virtually stored in one place and cannot be lost. Another lesson plan idea incorporating Padlet would be to use it as an exit ticket at the end of the day. Meaning that students are expected to add a response to the board before they exit the room for the day. A teacher could ask questions such as “what did you learn today?” or what was your favorite part about today?”. 


During the first week of classes as a teacher looking for an ice breaker activity you could incorporate Padlet by asking each student to design a digital story describing themselves. Here is a picture of one example Padlet has to offer when searching for lesson plans or classroom ideas. 


Other amazing ways to use Padlet in the classroom would be to utilize it for collaborative note taking, event planner, keeping students updated on class happenings to announce changes or convey important information, or use it as a class document hub where you upload files to a Padlet board so that students can go there and visit it anytime they need to. For even more ways to incorporate Padlet into your classroom visit this page  or this page for a long list of even more ideas and best practices.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to the wonders of Padlet. Not only is Padlet easy to use but the possibilities are endless! On a personal note as both a teacher and a student I find Padlet extremely helpful and it is one of my favorite tools to work with. 

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