“QUESBA’s journey continues to empower students in a pandemic”

The online platform came up hoping to assist college and university going students across US by offering on demand access to various educational resources like textbook solutions, virtual tutoring, expert chat platform and many more to support them with their curriculums.

With covid-19 pandemic declared officially in March, most of the universities and schools began sending students back home and we saw the rapid transformation of education to online where lectures started taking place through different live streaming platforms. With campuses remaining close students could not get help from professors like before and many of them complained lack of learning material. This shift in education led to some obvious trends like students depending more upon the resources available online to get through their semesters. 

Quesba started noticing heavy traffic from across the world. With its objective of providing academic assistance and hassle free education to students at any point of time, it stood with them at every point to enable them to overcome the uncertainties. It offers to help University and college going students by providing them access to millions of textbook solutions and other services. The irregular low traffic patterns were replaced by a steady pattern from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays during the pandemic. The experience for the students was completely different in the two modes of classes and this saw huge demand for various writing and other services.

With the diverse database of solutions to millions of textbooks a student can always get answers to disciplines like accountancy, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, business management, statistics, humanities etc. This enables students to get solutions of problems they are stuck on, to understand it and avoid wasting time searching for the solution from various sources.

Quesba has also ensured to provide an interactive learning tool that connects students with tutors via real time chat to miss any single opportunity of helping out students in their learning. Throughout this pandemic students have come up with doubts in several concepts. Many students could not find tutors to teach them and keeping in mind the situation of maintaining social distance they turned to the online platform. The diverse pool of qualified experts ready to help students at the convenience of students stood with them all the time.

With every process designed in a way to save time of students from getting already solved questions to posting a question or requesting for a tutorial Quesba provides uninterrupted learning experience. This online shift of learning has also made it more flexible for students as they can study as per their convenience provided with all the resources and guidance enabling the students to pass their semesters with flying colours rather than just passing it. The other educational services like on demand tutoring also continued to support the students throughout with peak during the time of semester end exams. We all have come across the different technologies that were adopted to ensure fair examination for students from home. Some of them proved to make students very nervous as they were examined continuously while taking their assessment. This made students to be well prepared with all the concepts thoroughly to avoid any chances of being in trouble. 

The journey during the pandemic has been an incredible one where the services were delivered to help the students in all the ways possible and empower them during the transition period and it proved to be a great relief for students during the time most needed It has helped to strengthen relationship with them. The post pandemic phase is again going to be of great interest where the main emphasis will be on tracking the trends and making the services inclined to cover the needs of every student. Every possible effort will be made to make the whole process of learning a very interesting experience for students and to give education the accessibility it deserves and the outreach that it is capable of.

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